"Having only previously read about drone surveys I was sceptical about how useful the information gained might be.  Since working with Ben on a Church roof survey in Liverpool I am sold that this is a very worthwhile modern method of surveying. 
When compared against the hire of a cherry picker or other means of access the cost is extremely competitive.  Relatively short flight times means that you do need to have a survey plan ahead of getting in the air but the air time is plenty sufficient.  Where access is difficult the drone gives you a viewpoint otherwise impossible.
The photo quality is such that you can, when back in the office, zoom into specific defects even when the photo is taken some height above the roof.  Ben provided a set of goggles which gave me a drone's eye view and allowed me to direct him to specific areas of interest. I was very pleased with both the quality of service and technology delivered by Ben.  I hope to use them again in the future."

Jonathan Vine - Chartered Surveyor, Cunliffes

We wanted to modernise the way that we showcase the properties on our website so we approached Kensson Aerial Imaging to produce an aerial drone video and stills for a commercial site we are marketing in Wigan. Time was short and the budget was tight, however Kensson delivered professional quality photographs and a superb video, which included a soundtrack and animated schematics, within ten days from our initial consultation, all at an extremely competitive price. King Street Commercial prides itself on using all means at our disposal to effectively market our properties, and would not hesitate to recommend Kensson to other property firms.
Kensson Aerial Imaging delivered a professionally produced aerial video, which utilised drone videography, integrated site plans, animations, graphics and music, for a commercial site being marketed by King Street Commercial. The end result provided a new and engaging perspective for us to showcase the site to potential purchasers. 
The drone filming was completed efficiently and safely by fully licensed and approved pilots, without disruption to the commercial site in just three hours. The final cost of the service compared very favourably with alternatives, whilst there is no comparison with the end result, it is very impactful. Kings Street Commercial is delighted to be able to offer this level of video service to our clients.

Ted Murray - Partner, King Street Commercial

“Kensson provided an exceptional service; with their excellent photographs Alpha Chartered Surveyors were able to offer an enhanced survey to their client with detailed images of inaccessible roof slopes”

Grant Mountford - Partner and Director, Alpha Property Professionals

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“The service provided by Kensson Aerial Imaging has greatly improved the service provided to our clients.  The quality of service is such that we are able to provide an accurate and cost effective solution to our client’s requirements when undertaking surveys of difficult and inaccessible areas.  We certainly will be using them again”. Colin Silk - Senior Partner, Silk Sharples Jennings